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We accelerate carbon offsets generation to save our planet

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GRAIN Ecosystem is a new venture incubated at Greentown Labs, funded by Schneider Electric, and accelerated by the Cleantech Open Northeast and Microsoft Founders Hub.

We created GRAIN to address global warming and accelerate decarbonization. We exist to unlock the supply of impactful carbon offsets.

Our platform streamlines the long, complex, and expensive certification process and the network of actors provides fuel for market growth.


Climate change is a global challenge. Our Ecosystem was made to fight it!

Gigatons still emitted in 2021

Gigatons of CO2 to be removed per year

°C current pathway

Join the Ecosystem!

Become a part of our ecosystem of highly motivated project developers, investors, certifiers, and auditors to help us fight climate change. Working together is the only path to effective generation of high-quality carbon offsets. We don’t have time to lose. Join and start making an impact today!


Only a team of superheroes with a clear purpose can tackle this challenge...

Ryan Letourneau

Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder

Matt Boujonnier

Chief Technology Officer Co-Founder

Jason Dodier

Chief Commercial Officer Co-Founder

Loryne Bissuel Beauvais

Lead Backend Developer

Valeriy Andrushchak

Lead Frontend Developer

Santiago de Souza

Lead Graphic Designer

Open positions

We are looking for talented people to help us saving the planet!

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  • Technical
  • Carbon
  • Others

Carbon Offset Project Development Expert (SME)

Strong expertise on Carbon Offset Methodologies

Lead Frontend Developer

5+ years experience with multiple frameworks

Lead Backend Developer

5+ years experience with Azure cloud services


A global problem, requires a global team! We are a remote team with two main hubs in Boston and Montreal. Reach out to us below!

One Boston Place
Suite 2700, Boston, MA, USA

ryan at grainecosystem dot com


7262 Marconi St, Montreal, QC, H2R 2Z5, Canada

matt at grainecosystem dot com